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Destiny Drinking Game (Don’t Try This At Home)

1. Drink every time your flying robot buddy has to scan something.

2. Chug if you have to fight off waves of enemies while your robot buddy is scanning.

3. Die of alcohol poisoning before you get off the Moon.

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jimcashfan asked: As Dr. Tracksuit's manager, would you consent to your client taking a comprehensive drug test in front of God and country before the PAX Rumble?


My client will test any drugs you have, he fears nothing! No one!

Everyone going to the pax royal rumble bring your drugs for Dr tracksuit to test.

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danlongman asked: So remeber a long time ago I asked if you wanted a 360 hddvd drive and a bunch of hddvds. I finally found the power code. Saskatchewan mailbag incoming. Also bad canadian energy drinks and weird chip flavours. Excited for bacon poutine chips?


Bacon Poutine chips sound like a crime.

Can’t wait till they get the package :)

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Anonymous asked: How long until the giant bomb adventure kickstarter gets announced? I will definitely throw my money on that if it features these buzz points. Randomly generated, crafting system, voxels, harvesting for materials, seemless multiplayer, player run servers, and a thin coating of the giant bomb brand. Make it happen Bradford


Randomly generated, crafting system, voxels: marry fuck kill.

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So the news of Microsoft laying off some 18,000 employees over next 6 months got me thinking, in 2011 it was reported there are ~16,000 video game related employees in Canada (from over 300 companies).

Microsoft is laying off more than all of the entire video game industry staff in Canada.

This is from 2011 but its a great read on the video game industry here:


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Anonymous asked: Hey Danny, I remember on your mini-documentary about depression you mentioned that you also suffered from it. Don't answer if it's too personal, but how did you manage to overcome it and look at everything with optimism? Do depressive or pessimistic thoughts still try to poke into your head from time to time?


Absolutely. All the time. It’s not about tricking yourself, or finding a miracle cure. For me it was about understanding the root, and learning to be in control of my emotions a bit more. And for me that started with therapy. Talking really, really helps. Like posting this questions probably did. More than anything I’d encourage people to talk to others. Professionals, friends, family, whoever will listen. Because I found my understanding through dialogue and understanding and I wish nothing less for others. 

Just remember you are not alone, and you never will be. For better or for worse, depressed people are everywhere, and we love you :)

This is so well said. I suffer from bipolar disorder and it’s a struggle everyday but from professional help and wonderful support from those I love my quality of life is really good and I’m doing good. Danny’s words really resonate with me. Much respect.